is not just a webpage, but a community organized, and constructed, online database.

The aim of is to provide the global military history and militaria community with an accurate, reliable, accessable and contributable online resource.

Many collectors and enthusiasts have collections or photos and information, but do not have the time to construct webpages to document their knowledge - provides an online avenue for all collectors and enthusiasts to easily display their items and contribute to collective historical knowledge.

The site consists of a fully community-contributable database, linked to forums for discussion of database items, driven by a powerfull content management system. Contributors construct webpages and database articles using an integrated, easy to use point-and-click html editor. has several levels of users:

  • Guests - can view articles in the database and read the forum discussion.
  • Members - can view and contribute to discussion or provide information on database items and in the forums (you can register now).
  • Authors - have the ability to write and create database articles and pages. These are reviewed and published online. If you are interested in contributing, see How to Create a Database Entry.
  • Editors - are senior members of the online militaria and military history community. Editors review articles, and manage the online database. relies on the community to provide accurate, reliable information as a communitly accessable resource, so join as a member and contribute in building the site!

If you are interested in becoming an Author, register and send a PM to one of the Editors.